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4 Novel Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

4 Novel Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

It’s not necessary for wedding invites to be dull! Here are some unconventional suggestions for wedding invites or simply for inviting your loved ones to share in your celebration:

The wording on wedding invitations doesn’t have to match exactly!

The wedding theme need not be reflected in the wedding invites!

You can certainly choose a traditional invitation set with a floral theme and lots of script fonts. However, there is no requirement that your invites must coordinate or even be decorated in the same manner as your wedding. It might be entertaining to liven things up and provide guests with something unique, such as an invitation that appears to have been taken directly from Mad Men or one that combines vibrant colours and geometric designs rather than flowers and lace. If you’re searching for something enjoyable, imaginative, or classy, there are many possibilities available—and they don’t have to be expensive either!

Invitation for a personalised calendar

Despite the fact that it could appear like a strange decision, there are numerous ways to employ this theme to make it special and distinctive for your wedding. For instance, if your wedding is in the winter, pick a December-themed calendar with snowflakes or other elements of the season. If you anticipate that this will take a lot of time, you can utilise an invitation maker to complete the task perfectly. In this manner, you may “really express the spirit of your event,” in the words of Adobe Express.

Invitations are on coasters!

Wedding coasters are a wonderful way to make your invitations more unique. You can choose the coasters that best fit your wedding theme from a variety of materials, including recycled materials, wood, cork, and cork. At the reception, they can serve as place cards, drink labels, or even guest favours. The concept is ideal for couples who want to keep things lighthearted and enjoyable without doing anything too formal or serious.

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A plant that a visitor can keep

A plant is a kind present for a visitor to take home. It can act as a memento of the wedding as well as a keepsake. It might be whatever you wish, such as your favourite flower or something that grows well in your area. Additionally, the plant will make your visitors feel a sense of place when they tour their new house together.

DIY pop-up balloon invitations

A balloon pop-up invitation is one option. This invitation is straightforward, but it’s also gorgeous and enjoyable! You can create your own by doing the following:

  • Collect your materials—yes, you can purchase them online or at any craft store. You will require:
  • an envelope or box (the size you want the finished product to be)
  • Styrofoam balls in the centre and bottom of the box, two of them (you could also use balloons instead)
  • tissue paper in the hues of your chosen theme (or whatever colour you choose)

With wedding invites, there are so many opportunities to express your creativity and personality. Try one of these four original suggestions for your invitation if you want something enjoyable and unique.


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