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5 Benefits of Solar Panel

5 Benefits of Solar Panel

Are you contemplating installing solar panels on your roof? Increasing numbers of homes adopt solar energy every day.

We can appreciate your hesitation. It is a significant improvement to a home. There is a great deal of paperwork involved. Existing uncertainties surround it. What if the moment is not right to go solar? Should you hold off till prices decrease further? Is it as environmentally friendly as they claim to be? How does solar payment even work?

We’re here to tell you everything’s fine. It is not as frightening or overwhelming as they claim.

Five direct advantages of solar energy include…


1. Solar energy cuts monthly costs

5 Benefits of Solar Panel

As stated previously, our objective is to ensure that you pay less money. With the proper amount of solar electricity and the right payment options, you will immediately have more money in your pocket each month. And over the course of a decade or two, your solar panels will have saved you tens of thousands of dollars.

Rates for utilities change based on a range of circumstances; in some cases, utilities might increase your rates with little or no notice and without your permission. But if you switch to solar, you can lock in your rates for the next twenty years, and you won’t be subject to the rate fluctuations that are typical of regular utility providers.

2. Solar panels boost the value of your home

Another method solar panels might save you money is through your residence. According to Zillow Research, properties with solar panels often sell for an average of 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar panels.

Obviously, the quantity can vary by market, but not in an unpredictable manner. Where you would anticipate property values to be greater than the national average, you can also anticipate solar panels to be more valuable. In New York City, for instance, the average increase in property value that solar adds is a substantial 5.4%.

This alone can easily offset the panel and installation costs. In addition to saving money each month on electricity costs, solar also increases the value of a home. Additionally, installing PV solar panels can help you sell your home more quickly. According to a survey conducted by the United States Department of Energy, solar panels are considered as improvements, similar to refurbished kitchens and basements.

3. Solar panels clear up our air

5 Benefits of Solar Panel

Did you know that the fossil fuel reserves of the entire planet, including all of our coal, oil, and natural gas, can be matched by 20 days of solar energy? It is mind-boggling to consider how much we could power with clean, renewable sunlight rather than by collecting, transporting, and burning fossil fuels.

And it is the extraction, transport, and combustion of these limited resources that pollutes the atmosphere the most. By converting to solar at home, you will help your utility company use less of these resources to provide electricity for your neighbourhood.

And the cleaner your air will be, the less fossil fuel you and your neighbours burn. Not only is this a great gesture, but it also helps you save money. When air quality improves, asthma becomes less of a problem, and when medical issues reduce, local tax resources are not as taxed. With a cleaner environment, it would be possible to pay significantly less in taxes. Yet another way solar benefits everyone!

This is not a work of fiction, by the way. The EPA estimates that since the Clean Air Act was passed in 1963, we have saved $2 trillion in costs and hundreds of thousands of lives by preventing severe asthma attacks, bronchitis attacks, heart attacks, and other related hospital admissions.

According to EPA data, the Clean Air Act’s costs and benefits. (courtesy of Roger Warburton/ecoRI News)

We have a referral programme if you would want to help your neighbours go solar and earn between $500 and $2,000 each referral. Encourage your friends and family to go solar, and you will continue to reap the benefits. Click Here.

4. Solar power maintains connectivity and command

With your online monitoring application, you can exert true control over your electricity. You will be able to monitor the electricity production of your solar panels from the palm of your hand. Only a smartphone or tablet is required. You will finally have complete visibility over your power generation and use.

For homeowners who wish to optimise the money they get from solar, monitoring the efficiency of their panels can reveal areas in which they could improve their daily practises. Sometimes even minor tweaks can result in substantial savings, or, if net metering is available, money returned from the utility.

Even if net metering is unavailable in your location, you can still save more each month.

5. Solar panels assist in keeping your home powered during power outages.

5 Benefits of Solar Panel

Solar panels are indeed connected to the grid, so when the utility provider turns off the power, your solar-powered home will also lose power. In contrast, if you opt for a whole-home solution that includes battery storage, your residence can switch to an independent power source.

A comprehensive system would consist of more than solar panels and a backup battery. You will have a smart switch that connects your home to the primary power grid and, in the case of a blackout, easily changes from the grid to your own system. Multiple microinverters prevent power loss and retain maximum access to the stored energy, allowing you to acquire a secure backup for your backup battery.

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