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5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

Let me paint you a picture: you’re at Zara, you need an outfit badly, and you only have so much time to look around. You go in feeling optimistic, but things rapidly start to go south. As you try on your options, the lighting in the changing room is insufficient, and let’s face it, you’re already perspiring heavily from tension. I constantly encountered this situation while shopping, and I would always feel defeated—that is, until I discovered the most important fashion advice. Usually, all it takes to get inspired is to take the escalator up to the men’s department, where fashion is on-trend and jackets are the ideal size. In light of my recently discovered love of menswear shopping, I’ve put together a list of the finest trends for 2022 from men’s fashion designers that almost everyone can wear.

The idea of gendered tops and bottoms is firmly in the past since it is 2022. Anyone who is passionate about a trend can wear it in general. Women’s fashion trends usually focus on certain details, such as opera gloves, feather trim, or corset tops. These details’ precision makes it easy to replicate the look, but it also leaves little room for individual styling preferences.

Male trends, on the other hand, are frequently based on more general ideas, making them more approachable and open to individual interpretation. For instance, the strong, sculpted shoulders from Prada’s Fall/Winter 2022 runway show can be combined in various ways. The same can be true of the bright red tones from Etro and Bianca Saunders as well as the puffy outerwear from DSquared2 and Gall.

These menswear trends will be popular throughout the year in 2022 and will revitalise your wardrobe for the rest of the year. You’ll want to base all next outfits on the top five looks described in the following paragraphs.

1۔ Primordial Red

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

The goal of fashion in 2022 is to stand out, so it’s hardly unexpected that collections feature a lot of vivid colours. While blue suits and black trench coats are generally linked with formal menswear, brands like Etro and Bianca Saunders are adopting a more bold strategy.

Despite its intensity, red complements practically anything and may be worn in place of any basic neutrals you have in your wardrobe. Find a bright red layering item like a blazer, jacket, or sweater to start, then decide how many times you can add it to your outfit to make it stand out. Think of it as adding a little spice to your outfit.

2۔ Jackets in the Robe

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

A robe-style jacket will be comfortable for you if you’ve ever found it difficult to take off your “I just wear this to lounge about the house” robe, especially during the bitter winter months. These coats tie at the waist and frequently end just below the knee, resembling a bathrobe. A fur or leather version of the jacket will keep you toasty during the upcoming winter, and by spring, I believe we’ll see lightweight suede and canvas equivalents everywhere.

3۔ Knitted Turtlenecks

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

You undoubtedly know that Bachelor Matt James wore a turtleneck on almost every date if you watched season 25 of The Bachelor. His contribution to the turtleneck trend that has dominated men’s fashion is so merited. Turtlenecks look good on almost everyone and can be worn under any jacket, thus Matt made a great fashion choice.

Since Etro integrated patterned, multicoloured, and cropped turtlenecks in one collection, you can’t go wrong with this trend as long as you’re wearing a turtleneck of some sort.

4۔ Shoulders That Are Superstructure

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

When you lack confidence, the bold, structured shoulder quickly gives your form strength and is the best shape to wear. Strong-shouldered coats, sweaters, and even jumpsuits in a variety of materials and colours were highlighted in Prada’s male collection.

A strong shoulder can unexpectedly improve something straightforward, like a soft knit. Furthermore, DIYing this style is really easy. Think about dressing like Prada by adding your own shoulder pads to an old, baggy blazer.

5۔ Coats with Puffer

5 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

The practical puffer jacket has become commonplace over the past two winters, and men’s runway looks suggest that this year may see even more inflated clothing. The “Gorpcore” aesthetic, which is influenced by outdoor functionality and athletics, is growing in popularity, and it includes quilted materials.

Gorpcore is frequently linked with hiking gear, but designers like DSquared2 and Gall have elevated the material with accessories like puffer pants, accent sleeves, and even rock climbing harnesses. It’s simple to get into this trend by wearing your most practical hiker-style boots with a quilted winter puffer jacket.


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