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Best Personal Finance Blogs to Increase Your Money Skills

Best Personal Finance Blogs to Increase Your Money Skills

Financial understanding and management can be difficult. Personal finance bloggers, however, are here to save the day! You will find the tools you need to get out of debt, save for your first house, and more on personal finance blogs. These professionals provide free advice and explanations for complicated financial subjects.

Here are the top five personal finance blogs that can help you improve your money management skills.


Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is one of the earliest personal finance blogs, having debuted in 2006. Prior to becoming a financial expert, J.D. Roth accumulated over $35,000 in credit card, personal loan, and auto loan debt. When he saw his route, he devised a strategy to eliminate his debt (which he accomplished).

Thousands of articles in Get Rich Slowly are devoted to improving people’s financial intelligence. Topics include earning, saving, and investing money. He also discusses money mindset and methods for cultivating a healthy financial outlook. On his blog, you’ll find tools and applications that can help you better manage your finances.

Mr. Wealthy Moustache

Mr. Money Mustache is a seasoned blogger on personal finance. Pete Adeney is the man behind the money moustache, and he is plenty of insightful anecdotes and recommendations. At age 30, Pete and his wife retired. Later, Mr. Money Mustache was born six years later. Since then, Pete has amassed a devoted fan base that calls themselves Mustachians.

The website contains details of his life as well as an abundance of information on financial freedom. His writing focuses mostly on stock market index funds. In addition to gaining insights and posing queries, readers can do both on the website’s active forum. There is now a smartphone app for Mr. Money Mustache that provides convenient online and offline access to material and multiple financial calculators.

Money Wise Latina

Athena Valentine is a nationally renowned expert on youth development and the founder of Money Smart Latina. Athena was homeless during her high school years. She describes the hurdles she overcome to achieve financial and professional success. Her blog includes posts about budgeting, business, mental health, spending, and financial wellness.

Money Smart Latina provides valuable advice for individuals of all backgrounds, but focuses particularly on financial literacy for the underserved Latino population.

Debt Free Guys

David Auten and John Schneider, a married couple, are the Debt Free Guys. Their objective is to assist other homosexual men in properly managing their finances. They hope that by doing so, their readers will lead more fulfilled lives. Their blog describes how they overcame massive credit card debt and began living an extravagant lifestyle. With their straightforward, step-by-step counsel, you can follow in their footsteps.

The pair also hosts the podcast Queer Money, which focuses on the financial concerns of the LGBTQ community.

Rich & Regular

Julien and Kirsten are Mr. and Mrs. Rich & Regular. Julien and Kirsten paid off $200,000 in debt and increased their net worth over the course of five years. Their 2015-launched website empowers other families to achieve financial independence.

Rich and Normal offers a straightforward look at how to master your finances using basic concepts. There are no get-rich-quick schemes — only real people pursuing financial independence with a real plan.

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