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Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives in 2022 – 100% WORKING

Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives in 2022 – 100% WORKING

These days, cartoons are a source of amusement for people of all ages. The popularity and entertainment value of these cartoons are unmatched by traditional forms of theatre or film, whether they are American or Japanese releases, subtitled or paradubbed.

It all comes down to the idea of creativity, a departure from realism to appeal to young people through entertainment. Due to its never-ending selection of anime-based entertainment, Cartoon Crazy once held the top rank. However, the majority of its content was obtained illegally, causing the site to formally close. But even though it relies on a few mirror sites, it has drastically lost popularity in recent years.

Cartoons are gradually disappearing from TV screens as a result of the internet revolution, which has mostly caused cable services to diminish. People now prefer to watch their favourite animated series online. You can watch thousands of episodes for free from the comfort of your couch thanks to websites like CartoonCrazy.

Anyone will be amazed by the diversity and assortments of the shows on the website. Due to legal concerns, some cartoon shows frequently lose their viewers when they are forced to stop airing in certain nations. However, this is a thing of the past thanks to websites like CartoonCrazy or its substitutes. Below are several great substitutes for Cartoon Crazy, along with a description of each one’s advantages:

1. Kiss Anime: The Best Anime-Streaming Platform


It’s true that anime lovers from around the world frequently visit this site. Kiss Anime is one of the largest providers of Anime shows (subtitled, para-dubbed, and original) under one roof thanks to its various servers.

Even better, you may get the content for free right from their website. You can expect everything from God Eater to Infinite Dendrogram. To the surprise of all anime enthusiasts, even almost extinct contents like One Piece and Naruto Shippuden are also available.

The site interface still functions in locations with ordinary connectivity, but owing to legal restrictions in some nations, you might need to use a VPN to log in. You can watch any anime episode, both new and old, in high-definition with a secure online environment.

But before you browse these websites, make sure your ad filters and firewalls are up to date. There is only one choice to be made from this endless variety of binge-watchable content: What do I watch?

2. Gogo Anime: Only the Best Is Embedded


Gogo Anime will be the ideal location if you are looking for cartoon streaming solutions that provide top services without charging you a dime. It is one of the largest online cartoon streaming sites in the world, offering thousands of cartoons and series.

Fewer ads, a faster, more secure streaming service, and the most recent and updated episodes are just a few of the tiny details that contribute to Gogo Anime’s popularity among the community of people who enjoy watching cartoons.

Redefine your experience by watching various worldwide show releases from the US, Europe, Japan, China, and other countries. They not only offer an endless supply of animated programmes, but also the most recent anime films. The streaming speed of this website, which uses the least amount of internet resources while providing excellent services, is particularly praised by critics.

3. The Third World For Cartoon Lovers: Anime Heaven


Anime Heaven has a huge selection of comics and anime series from all around the world available for you if you want to immerse yourself in the fantastical and enjoyable world of anime and cartoons. It boasts of releasing all the most recent episodes in high resolution before anyone else can get their hands on them. It specialises on anime-based content.

Anime Heaven is one of the top cartoon streaming sites, offering a safe and high-quality service that has delighted fans for many years.

The website’s outdated European edition, which was its most basic version, now has a Russian network and interface. More site space and the most recent paradubbed and subtitled episodes are updated on the new website. These episodes cannot be downloaded, but you can stream them whenever you want with a reliable internet connection.

Well, these streaming sites are great substitutes for Torrent magnets, which are illegal in most places. There isn’t a shred of doubt about Anime Heaven’s services overall, and the videos there are of exceptional quality.

4. Anime Land: A Paradise for Fans of Anime?


If Disney can claim Wonderland, anime fans may claim this website as the source of the most significant and top-notch anime series ever released in dub form. Its extensive selection of TV shows with subtitles is Anime Land’s USP. Choose from a variety of Dragon Ball and Naruto Shippuden episodes, stream them on the weekends, and enjoy your childhood all over again.

With resolutions from 480p to 1080p accessible, web source quality has a good range, enabling you to stream material even with ordinary internet connectivity. After completing a few quick activities based on adverts, you can download these anime episodes from the downloads list. My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and more popular shows have episodes available.

5. Hulu: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Cartoon


You can binge watch numerous types of content from all over the world using this streaming service application. It also contains the newest US, European, and Japanese cartoons and anime in its systems, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

With a Hulu subscription, you can access all TV shows, cartoons, and sports content in one place. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? An anime episode might be a great substitute if you want to break up the tedious routine of watching streaming TV shows all day.

It is regarded as having the largest collection of TV series, articles, and news, enabling you to watch and appreciate information from all over the world rather than just your own. Hulu might put its streaming material there too if a parallel universe really exist! Currently, Hulu is providing Disney+ and ESPN combo subscription deals at incredibly low prices. To access the world of limitless streaming video, you might want to purchase their subscriptions.

6. Unleash Netflix’s Full Potential


Netflix is the most well-known streaming service in the world and the most popular app for binge-watching material. The majority of people are unaware that Netflix boasts the largest selection of kid-friendly US cartoons in its collection. Additionally, it is extending its reach to international anime and cartoons with subtitles.

The best selection of animated series currently available on streaming services can be found in the Netflix Kids section. Gift vouchers and other fantastic discounts are now redeemable on Netflix when you pay. Keep in mind that this programme is available everywhere, and you may choose from a variety of content that is ready to stream. By browsing through Netflix’s content catalogue and looking for anime or your preferred shows, you can realise the full potential of the service.

Just a few examples of the extensive library of media geared for younger generations available on Netflix are the films Boss Baby and the animated series Kid vs. Kat. It had teamed up with Disney and demanded the right to stream the majority of Disney’s animated films, which they had previously made available in their application.

The quality and performance of the app are unquestionable, despite the fact that their subscription costs are somewhat higher than those of the majority of streaming applications in their category. It has been named the best streaming app for the past two years and offers the most dynamic and secure UI.

7. JustDubs: Just For The Unusually Japanese


The actual anime episodes are uncomfortable for people who are not Japanese nationals. Even with incorporated subtitles, certain anime episodes have a very foreign feel to them. JustDubs outperforms all other streaming apps in this regard.

It is specifically designed to stream dubbed content for users outside of the Japanese region. Users can select the language they are most familiar with or understand from among the various languages used in the dubbed content.

You may even participate in their private Discord community and chat about your favourite TV shows. Say hello to other anime enthusiasts and learn about some unknown stories and realities that you missed while watching the series.

Spread the word about Just Dubs to additional fans like you so they can easily stream the content of their choosing. Share the adventures with your friends through their RSS feeds, social networking sites, and other channels.


We are aware that Cartoon Crazy was at its height of fame and prosperity. However, a prohibited activity was always going to disappear eventually, which has created a significant issue for anime aficionados. However, the aforementioned substitutes and additional anime-focused websites are fantastic choices. If a website does not have your favourite article or episode, you can easily switch to another.

Prior to beginning the data download, don’t forget to search the websites’ foundational backgrounds. Otherwise, you could become a target for hacking or malware that can infiltrate your servers and steal important data. This malware can be downloaded and disguised as innocent anime movies.

When choose to stream content, keep in mind a few things such clarity, streaming speed, interface, and ad frequency. Get rid of any website that keeps interfering with the stream with advertising. Additionally, always have your adblockers enabled. You may decide to turn off your adblockers only if the interface requires it or if it specifically asks you to.


What Is Cartoon Crazy, exactly?

Before it was taken down due to certain legal copyright difficulties, Cartoon Crazy was one of the top anime streaming sites, which created a significant issue for anime fans all over the world.

Why Did Cartoon Crazy Gain Popularity?

More than any other website in the globe, it was one of the largest providers of anime series and episodes. Additionally, it outperformed all rivals in its category thanks to a fantastic site outlook and an engaging user interface.

3. What Websites Should You Use Instead of Cartoon Crazy?

Alternatives to Cartoon Crazy include Kiss Anime, Crunchy Roll, Movies4U, and a number of other websites.

4. What Should You Bear In Mind Before Opening These Websites?

Never forget to activate your VPN software to stay clear of any legal troubles in your nation or neighbourhood. Internet security and firewalls are also essential. Try the built-in Microsoft Defender if you don’t already have premium antivirus installed; it’s also highly effective at avoiding malware attacks.

5. How Do You Pick The Best Website For You?

Examine the site’s usability, quality, and device compatibility. Watch your favourite anime episodes right away if one of these fundamental requirements satisfies your expectations.


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