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CouchTuner: Is It Down? 10 Effective Replacements by 2022

CouchTuner: Is It Down? 10 Effective Replacements by 2022

Are you having trouble using CouchTuner?

You’re not alone in that situation, though.

Are you trying to find the top CouchTuner substitutes? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

After a long day at work or school, what do you do? Nothing, not a single thing. We’d all much rather curl up on the couch with some popcorn and our favourite shows while the lights are off.

The majority of people would much rather turn on their TV, but some people prefer Netflix and chill. Not that watching TV is inherently bad. The only drawback is that, depending on when you arrive home, you can miss some episodes.

Netflix, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee so you can access your favourite programming. It’s unlikely that you would watch all of the Netflix shows, so you wouldn’t even be able to spend your money in full.

Many people use internet streaming sites because of the aforementioned factors. Nowadays, Couchtuner is among the most well-liked.


What is CouchTuner?

Couchtuner is an online TV shows and movie watching site where you can indulge on your favorite shows coming from various networks such as Cartoon Network, HBO, Turner, and many more.

What makes CouchTuner so wonderful is that it won’t cost you a single dollar. The second great thing about it would probably be the fact that you can indulge in your favorite shows wherever you might be.

All you need is a decent internet connection and you are free to watch shows while sitting in the bus. Another question you might be asking would be whether Couchtuner is a safe platform for movie watching.

“It surely is.”

The only reason CouchTuner is free to use is that the administrators do not really host any content on the site. It is merely used as a platform for people to be able to watch movies and TV series without having to pay any cost.

However, Couchtuner does not have any good relationships with the entertainment and film industry. With that, there are certain locations wherein you won’t be able to access Couchtuner. Once you click on the link, you will just be sent to an error page informing you that you are forbidden from accessing the specified website.

CouchTuner Mirrors – 100% Working

Here are sites that are working absolutely fine at the time of checking:


Best CouchTuner Alternatives – Other Options

The good news is that you have a lot of other options besides CouchTuner for free movie streaming.

1. SolarMovie


The fact that SolarMovie has a wide selection of movies and TV series makes it a great substitute for Couchtuner.

In addition, the website is superbly built, making it comparatively simple to explore. It has the appearance of an internet streaming subscription that you have to pay for.

None of the content that can be seen on the website is provided by SolarMovie. These files are uploaded by outside sources.

Although you don’t need to register to watch movies on the website, you will need to do so if you want to engage with it. Registration is cost-free. Additionally, you are not required to divulge any private data.

2. New Episodes


Many of us who enjoy watching movies and television shows online are already well aware of the hundreds to thousands of beneficial platforms available.

However, as we attempt to hunt for the most recent episodes, things become a little challenging for us. This is a platform where you may find the most recent episodes of all your favourite shows, just as the site’s name suggests.

You could initially believe that you went to a Game of Thrones fan site. Because of the banner that dominates the site’s centre, no one can actually be held accountable. However, if you continue to scroll down, you will discover a list of all the most well-liked series that you can binge watch.

If you want to find a new show to watch, you can choose to view them all alphabetically. The air dates for new episodes of each TV show can also be found on the schedule.

If you believe there is still one episode missing despite the administrators’ best efforts, you can click the request for an episode or season button.

3. Putlocker


This is the one streaming website that everyone is familiar with. It has been in existence for a while. In actuality, it is regarded as one of the most well-liked movie websites to date.

This website, like the other well-established ones we are aware of, occasionally has to change its domain.

This one never had to modify its branding name, which is the only distinction. They frequently changed the URL by adding a few letters and digits, but if you Google it, you will still find the Putlocker that we all know and love, making it one of the top CouchTuner alternatives.

4. Primewire


The former website focused on providing access to the most recent episodes of your favourite series, whereas this one allows you to watch every recently released movie you might possibly want to see. No longer are there expensive theatre fees to pay. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to wait in long lines to watch new releases.

You can watch them all for free on this website. There are various video quality levels available here. With that information, you can decide which one suits you and your device the best.

In addition, users give each video a quality rating. Choosing the greatest video mirror would be simple after that.

5. Movie Watcher


This website’s user interface is quite user-friendly. It is simple to browse through various movie titles with that.

The amazing thing about this website is that you may enjoy free movie watching without creating an account.

Regardless of the genre you enjoy, this website undoubtedly has something worthwhile for each and every one of you.

6. AZ Movies


This website will undoubtedly appeal to you if you have strong aesthetic sensibilities.

It can appear to be a competitor of Netflix at first, but as you use the platform more, you’ll discover that it’s truly free to use. To build this website, a group of cinema and media fans banded together. It’s understandable why the UI also seems to have been lovingly made.

Both new and old movies can be found here. In fact, the oldest film you’ll discover here wasn’t even made until 1915. Charlie Chaplin personally served as the director of the film.

7. Look Movie


While browsing this website, you may encounter a lot of advertising, but they are all well worth it because of how nicely the site is made.

You can use the search or the category feature if you already know the name of the movie you want to watch. In accordance with the genres you wish to see, you can also select to filter the search button.

Since creating an account on the website is not necessary, you may start watching all of your favourite movies as soon as you arrive.

8. Flixtor


The lack of any ads on the platform is one of the best features about this website. Having said that, you can be confident that you will be able to watch movies without interruption.

Additionally, there are no formalities required. There is no requirement for registration. You won’t need to provide any of your private information after that. You can start binge-watching as soon as the website loads.

However, you can voluntarily make an account if you feel at home on the website. Once you do, you will have access to many more options, like the ability to make a playlist for your favourite episodes and share it with your loved ones.

For a nominal monthly cost, it is also possible to upgrade to a VIP account. You will be given access to more features in exchange. For almost any movie lover, the free version alone is plenty.

9. Movies Joy


Movies Joy is yet another excellent replacement for Couchtuner. It features a big collection of films and TV shows. No registration is required. As soon as you click on the website, you can start watching videos.

The UI is rather standard. The simplicity is just right. It makes it easier for users to select a movie or TV show to binge watch. The administrators put the needs of the users first. As a result, there won’t be any adverts on the website that could harm the user experience.

10. Stream Likers


Given the abundance of free streaming websites available online, it is understandable why not many people are aware that Stream Likers is one of the most established movie websites out there.

The fact that this site is inaccessible in some places might be another factor. But don’t worry; all you need is a VPN, whether it’s free or expensive, and you can easily view free movies.

The website itself does not save any content. The movies that you can watch on the website are all only integrated from specific sources.

Final Conclusion

The entertainment industry has been on such a roller coaster ride because to technology. When DVDs first came out, people experienced such exhilaration. You would have assumed there would one day be a day when people could view movies for nothing.

We are fans of movies and are aware of how delicate the business can be. Websites like CouchTuner are prone to change. Because certain websites could be changed or taken down at any time, it’s critical to stay informed about numerous CouchTuner alternatives.


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