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E-Commerce Stores Domain Ideas

E-Commerce Stores Domain Ideas

Have an online store? There are a ton of New Domains out there that are great for advertising and selling your online merchandise. Check out some of our favorite extensions that work well with eCommerce websites.



E-Commerce Stores Domain .store

As a basic, memorable domain extension, .STORE is the best finish for eCommerce URLs. No matter if you run your business completely online or want to highlight your brick-and-mortar presence, this domain gives a lot of options.


.SUPPLY is another domain ending that would work wonderfully for online sellers. This addition would also work particularly effectively for B2B stores that sell items to merchants rather than directly to customers. And fun fact: Kanye West currently uses as a redirect to his online fashion store.


The .SHOP domain is a short, memorable extension that’s excellent for any website that offers items. Any organization that has a name that ends in “shop” can also take use of a shorter, more memorable URL.


If you sell high-end or speciality items, .

BOUTIQUE is a superb domain choice. The domain ending is an easy method to give your website a distinct vibe, and it can help you attract the correct kind of internet visitors.


Perfect in time for the holidays, the .GIFTS domain is an excellent way to remind your visitors that your online business is the greatest place to get presents for family and friends.

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