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How to Stay Ahead of the Corset Trend in 2022 in 4 top Steps

How to Stay Ahead of the Corset Trend in 2022 in 4 top Steps

And boy, are corsets back in fashion! The fashion world has been blown away by the resurgence of this 16th-century staple. Everyone, from celebrities to influencers to brides, is searching for the ideal corset to lend structure to their clothes as a result.

Modern corsets are cosy, welcoming, and highly elegant, unlike the dangerous body-altering purposes utilised by people in the regency era. They are the must-have piece of clothing for 2022, and the best part is that there are countless ways to style them.

Corsets: Top Styling Trends of 2022

Historically, corsets were worn underneath clothing to define the waist. And today, you can find them in many different styles, with Victorian and Elizabethan being the two most well-liked. While lace was once employed to seal the closet, more practical choices are now available, including clasps, buttons, and even pre-structured shirts.

Remind yourself to break in your lace-up corsets for a day or two when choosing them. Additionally, you can lace it only as tightly as you’d like and wear it for up to two hours at a time; yet, you should still be able to move and breathe freely.

Here are the top four ways to serve some looks this year with these choices at your disposal.

1. Wear It as a Crop Top

A crop top or bralette can be worn wonderfully with corsets because of their natural length. Due to the variety of styles, they are more than just loungewear because they reach just over or below your belly button and are therefore trendy.

You may tailor the look to be as informal or formal as you choose because to the variety of their styles. So you may wear a bright one with a skirt or pants for a low-key night out. Try a lacy one in a neutral tone or a visibly structured one with mesh underneath a blazer or pantsuit if you’re looking for something more formal.

2. Layer It With a Dress

Use your bustier to give shape to your favourite maxi dress by getting inventive. Additionally, while long-sleeved skirts go well with Elizabethan corsets, you are free to play around with fun colours, patterns, and designs.

Finding complementary textiles to layer one over the other is another season’s fashion advice. An example would be a denim bustier on plain voile or chiffon. You can consider adding more layers by donning a blouse or a daring jacket.

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3. Wear It Over a Shirt

A stylish corset paired with an oversized white shirt is always a winning combination. Depending on the situation, you can dress up or down in this timeless style.

You may complete a sophisticated look in a business situation by pairing stiletto heels with a pair of black (or leather, if you’re feeling daring) slacks. A pair of knee-high boots will finish off the look, or you can wear it as a structured shirt dress.

4. Play With Colours

You can experiment with exciting shapes with corsets. Additionally, the variety in appearance enables you to style monochromatic outfits without worrying that they will look boring.

In order to achieve a brighter fit, wear pants that are the same colour as your bustier and add colour with a blazer or jacket. However, wearing all-white clothing with perhaps a hint of cream or off-white is also very in right now.

You can dress up a corset for your occasion or put together a really effortless look by adding a leather jacket. Corsets are a very versatile piece of clothing. You must have at least one of them in your closet this year for this reason. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and try something new!


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