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Liza, 4, was killed in a Russian attack on Vinnytsia during the Ukraine war.

Liza, 4, was killed in a Russian attack on Vinnytsia during the Ukraine war.

A pink pram covered in blood is laying on its side in a patch of grass in front of the torched, burned remnants of the Jubilee department store.

It belonged to Liza, a young Liza.


The center of Vinnytsia was struck by Russian missiles on Thursday, killing three young children, including a four-year-old.


Irina Dmitrieva, her mother, was severely hurt during the assault.


Eight more persons are still missing, bringing the total number of fatalities to 23. Hospitals are housing dozens more.


Irina had uploaded a video to the internet just before the missiles hit. Little Liza was beaming and pushing her pink chair in front of her as they talked about going to meet her speech therapist on this lovely sunny day.


“Liza was upbeat and enjoyed visiting with us. She was a sweet young girl. She was her mother’s entire purpose in life. She was devoted to her. The tragedy it must be for the family is beyond my comprehension, Valeriia Korol told the BBC.

Liza, 4, was killed in a Russian attack on Vinnytsia during the Ukraine war.

She oversees the LogoClub facility for people with disabilities, where Liza had gone to a session that morning as she typically did.


The four-year-old daughter has Down syndrome, and her mother started posting images of the girl’s life on Instagram not long after giving birth to her single child.


Meet my little angel, said the first one.


The LogoClub Liza attended is only a block from Victory Square, the site of the missile strikes, and when the air raid siren sounded, the staff had already escorted all the kids to the shelter.


Liza and her mother were still in the street, though, like many other individuals.


Since Kyiv was far from the battle lines when the war started, they had fled there for safety before returning to Vinnytsia. However, no longer is Ukraine secure anywhere.


Liza is seated in a chair close to a stuffed animal

Liza sitting on a chair next to a teddy

Liza’s speech therapist characterized her as gentle and kind.


Valeria informed me. Liza was idolized by Irina, who was quite forthright about the fact that she had Down syndrome. As Valeriia explains, she wanted people to understand that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that “such youngsters are no different from us, they’re extremely sweet and kind.”


In this assault, two boys were also slain.


The seven-year-old Maksim Zharii passed together with his mother Viktoriia. Residents of their community have been encouraged to gather on the streets later today to welcome their coffins.


According to Ukrainian police, he came there for a scheduled visit to the Jubilee Center’s ground-floor medical facility.


The walls of the clinic are the only things left, and they are scorched by fire.


Nearly nothing remained of the Jubilee Center’s medical center.

A youngster, age 8, who passed away is yet unidentified. He was caught in the ferocious fire while waiting for his uncle in a nearby parked automobile. The bomb site is still littered with the burned-out carcasses of numerous cars; one was so severely damaged by the explosion that it was wrapped around a building pillar.


The children’s fatalities were not mentioned in a statement on the strike that Russia’s defense ministry released on Friday. Instead, it asserted that Russia “destroyed” a meeting of the Ukrainian military and international officials who were discussing armament transfers by firing “high precision” missiles at it.


Nothing at the scene could be used to support that.


On Victory Square, a structure known as Officers’ House was the target of Russia’s attack. However, it seems to solely have a military connotation due to its Soviet-era name.


There was a concert scheduled there for Thursday night. When the missiles slammed through the building, one of the group members was in the middle of a soundcheck. He later passed away at a hospital. Outside, other band members suffered injuries.


A concert hall in the city where singer Roxolana was scheduled to perform on Thursday night was destroyed in the attack.


Officers’ House was where singer Roxolana was scheduled to perform, and her band was attacked.

According to local officials, since Russia started its conflict, 352 children have perished and hundreds more have been injured. The most recent killings were described as a terrorist incident by President Volodymyr Zelensky.


Irina, Liza’s mother, is still in the hospital.


It is horrible. Valeriia, whose voice was quivering, told the BBC that neither children nor their mothers “should suffer and die.”


“I don’t know if Irina has heard about Liza yet, or if her family has already told her. As a mother myself, I simply have no idea how such news could be delivered to someone.


A dreadful disaster has occurred.


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