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The top 2022 things that have already gone viral

The top 2022 things that have already gone viral

Each TikTok FYP is unique. However, one thing is almost certain to appear amid the tarot draws taking over one person’s page and the canines trying enrichment toys on another: a viral product.

A lot of the things that went viral on TikTok are also popular on Facebook or Instagram, despite the fact that some viral posts are exclusive to their particular networks. The butt leggings were quickly recognised by your cousin, who is three months behind on memes. A real person expressing joy about a product they purchased, not because they were hired to produce a calculated YouTube video about it but rather because they honestly believed others would find it interesting, is just universally convincing.

Virality on TikTok isn’t necessarily fleeting. Items that first gained popularity in 2021 are still doing so today. Examples include the ChomChom, which is still trending on PetTok, and the Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, which is still difficult to find in stock.

However, 2022 is naturally witnessing its own array of goods that have caught the eye of doomscrollers. Here are some of our favourite items that have gained popularity since the beginning of the year without sparking a debate like Pink Sauce.

Windmill Air

Windmill air conditioning unit on gray graphic with colorful shapes

Since no one can honestly remember seeing a window air conditioner that didn’t appear older than they are, Windmill Air has taken on the long overdue chore of de-clunking them. The device, which has stylish curved edges and resembles a smart speaker, is not necessarily smaller than a normal air conditioner, but it is much simpler to install. Temperature may be adjusted or entirely turned off from anywhere and is shown on both the LED screen and the app.


Solawave skin device on gray graphic with colorful shapes

The internet had to give the SolaWave a try when reports of its fame as a celebrity hotspot for figures like Lil Nas X and Sydney Sweeney began to circulate in the winter of 2022. After receiving support in a recent Get Ready With Me video from Joey King, this device’s hold on skincare TikTok (and Instagram ads) continues to remain firm.

Red light treatment is used by the compact, portable gadget to treat puffiness as well as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other issues. Results are apparent after just one use, according to Mashable contributor RJ Andersen.

Happy and Polly cat trees

Sky-themed cat tree on gray graphic with colorful shapes

Cat trees aren’t very adept at hiding their presence. Like litter boxes, they cannot be integrated into a TV stand or a planter. The best course of action, however, is to transform your living room into a whimsical feline wonderland when there are options as adorably lovely as those from Happy and Polly. Although the company uses a variety of vibrant colour schemes, TikTok users appear to like the Moonlight style, which features a purple night sky.

Youthforia BYO Blush

Youthforia blush on gray graphic with colorful shapes

Whatever hue of blush this color-changing oil creates will be your new favourite. Youthforia, a firm that tests all of its cosmetics by having people sleep in them, is earning praise on TikTok for its groundbreaking blush serum, which at first glance appears transparent but reacts to the pH of your skin to turn into a naturally rosy, dewy glow.

Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

Trader Joe's pancake mix on gray graphic with colorful shapes

Please rise, Trader Joe’s swarm. In May 2022, the supermarket chain brought back its well-liked Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix for a second round. Fans of TikTok’s breakfast videos are just enamoured with the dish’s nutty vanilla flavour, chewy texture, and recognisable purple hue. Due to the overwhelming demand, many retailers are only allowing two boxes per person.

Disco balls

Disco ball on gray graphic with colorful shapes

Ideal for parties and home discos, according to the Amazon description. “Ideal for any room at any time,” according to TikTok. The rigorously curated two-tone designs of the last few years are being eclipsed by maximalist home decor (a shift predicted by an astrologer). Disco balls, which produce a fantastic speckled lighting scenario that a sunset lamp could never, are being used by a large number of people to outfit their living spaces in the middle school skating rink fashion. They are also rather simple to set up because they don’t require electricity.

Door stop alarm

Door stop alarm on gray graphic with colorful shapes

TikTok has been used by flight attendants to show the public a typical workday in the air. With this amusing revelation, we’ve also learned about some important safety advice for travelling alone, such door stop alarms. This ingenious gadget sounds if somebody tries to enter your hotel or rental while sliding under the door like a typical wedged door stop.

Glow Cube Ice Rollerx

Purple ice roller on gray graphic with colorful shapes

On the skincare portion of the internet, applying ice to your face to temporarily reduce redness and puffiness isn’t exactly a new trend. However, the popularity of freezable rollers for facial ice didn’t really take off until 2022. They not only provide a more focused method than just enclosing an ice cube in a washcloth, but they also make it simple to add skin-beneficial components like aloe or lemon. One preferred choice is the Glow Cube, which has a variety of colour selections and minimal complaints about leakage.


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