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This Device Will Help You Find You Your Pet

This Device Will Help You Find You Your Pet

Who is our domestic animal? And while we appreciate their company and care, we recognise that the most problematic circumstances are when they are lost or absent from the home.

This is supported by tens of thousands of social network posts on the search for lost or found dogs and cats in and around the city.

Name necklaces and in many cases the contact information of the owners are insufficient, as many missing animals will not allow an unknown person to approach them.

The solutions provided by ubiquitous geolocation technology allow us to respond swiftly as soon as we detect our pet is missing.

Two notable instances

Qbit is one of the brands offering this type of solution. It sells a small collar-mounted gadget that combines two well-known technologies for its placement: GPS and GPRS (mobile cell phone network).

This gadget must be designated as a mobile phone chip. Approximately every four days, discharge and recharge the battery.

With the smartphone application, you can simultaneously ascertain your location and continue two-way audio communication, either to speak with the pet finder or to quiet the animal while its owner searches for it. It is waterproof (with IPX5 certification) and retails online for $14,475.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+, small devices designed to be attached to keychains or pet collars, is an additional intriguing choice in this field. They are powered by a small medallion-style battery that lasts over 160 days and rely on wireless proximity technology to detect animals that are less than 120 metres away (search close).

When the pet travels farther, it utilises the network that allows all of the brand’s devices to traverse the city anonymously. Galaxy Find Network enables for the determination of an approximate position. The Nearby system is then activated when the owner approaches the lost dog or cat to discover its exact location via the SmartThings application. Each SmartTag+ costs $6,399.

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